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Obtaining supplies for your copier

We recomend that all copiers purchased or leased through Copy Machines include a service/maintenance contract, (includes all toner and developer for your copier). Some maintenance contracts also include paper. At the end of each month, we ask that you provide us with the machine meter reading on your specifi c copier. To order supplies, call us or send an e-mail to service center

Other Copy Services

Copy Machines works with other departments to help you utilize your other copy needs. Document Service Centers provides and maintains an assortment of self-service copiers located throughout campus. Most units accept your Campus Access card or a departmental copy card. Copies and More, Maxi and Printing Services have many options for presentation documents and large printing needs. Copy Machines can work with you to make sure your copy requirements are accomplished.

Only need it for a short time?

Copy Machines understands that in today's working environment you may need a copier on a short term rental. We have a lot of options in our short term program for.

Only need it for a short time?

Copy Machines understands that in today's working environment you may need a copier on a short term rental. We have a lot of options in our short term program for.

Services We Provide

Copy needs and individual departmental copier requirements are constantly changing. Our staff is ready and able to provide you with copier pricing and information to assist you in making the best possible selection for your office.

Considering installing or replacing your office copier?

Allow us to find the best possible solution. We will need to know; your budget and the type of materials copied. This will help us determine the extra features needed including; a document handler, duplex, stapler, fax, printer, scanner and/or color capabilities.


Our comprehensive proposals are based on your needs. We can provide you with demonstrations of your top choice(s); as well as, referrals from other departments on campus that have the same or similar models. Copy Machines will set up a tentative installation date and confirm that the area has the appropriate electrical power requirements. We make sure you have the proper supplies for your new copy machine.

Post installation

The vendor will provide key operator training. We will order the supplies, toner and developer, as well as submit the meter readings to the vendor and process all invoices related to the copier.

Understanding your copy machine needs

Purchasing & Leasing Options

Purchasing a Copier

In some cases, it may be best for a department to purchase a copier instead of leasing. Copy Machines will work with you to find the best copier for your department. Our Pre and Post installation services are available to every customer including demonstrations of copiers before you make the purchase. Each purchased copier will come with a service maintenance contract including toner and developer for your copier. Some contracts may also include paper.

Digital Options

When choosing to buy or lease a copier our vendors have an array of digital copiers to meet your needs. Digital copiers can be designed to be a copier, a copier/fax, a copier/printer, copier/printer/scanner or a copier/printer/fax/scanner. You select the configuration to best meet your needs.

Two Types of Leases

Fair Market Value buy-out option: At the end of the lease contract you have the option to upgrade to a new copier or purchase your existing copier for the fair market value.

  • Lower monthly payment is perfect for those departments on a tight budget.
  • Upgrade your copier equipment at the end of a current lease for a newer model.

$1.00 Buy-Out option: This option allows the department to purchase their current copier for one dollar at the end of the lease contract.

  • Slightly higher monthly payment.
  • Only $1.00 to purchase, then continue with only a maintenance contract.
    (If you do not plan to upgrade your copier at the end of the contract.)

For more information about purchasing or leasing a copier please contact :
800 6070 (Toll free)
Fax: +971 6 7480347